Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in changing the way things work, especially for industries that need to deliver customer service functions. Although chatbots have been around for quite some time, the idea of being a virtual agent is that it also gives human touch and at the same time seamlessly interact with customers. These AI based chatbots provide customer the relevant information while performing basic functions like setting up an appointment or sharing documents is relatively new.

It is important for industries to have channels to interact and respond to customers but also stay technologically upgraded in these times where digital transformation has become a lot more important. Tech-savvy companies/industries are using technology to help boost revenue, expand business productivity, and innovate operations for better ROIs. Many companies are therefore now ready to spend and make an effort to identify more and more areas to leverage and derive maximum value from technology to solve problems not just related to customer experience but also employee experience. 

A chatbot or virtual agent learns from previous customer service interactions. Unlike older technology chatbots that were programmed with scrips to deliver a prerecorded response for each input. These new-age bots can learn to handle individual customer interactions to the T. From greeting the customer, to offer a service, provide information including files, resolve basic requests. 

Ruh-bot, a Microsoft Dynamics integrated chatbot, is a self-learning chatty AI platform that can take in input, interpret the data, and then use the data. This AI Chatbot for Microsoft Teams can be deployed with a Q&A maker, which is an API service for conversational question-and-answer of data. This is completely customizable as peruse cases shared by customers which is more interactive and useful as it makes suggestions based on that data. The aim of this Microsoft dynamics integrated chatbot Service is to make the conversation as interactive as possible. An important feature of this virtual agent using Microsoft Dynamics D365 is the integration with Power Automate (formerly called Microsoft Flow), extending its capabilities to do things like trigger existing flows or create new ones that call backend systems. Currently being used for HR experiences, this is completely customized to support either IT services or Finance services as well. 

Scenarios – Sharing relevant documents with the new employee before officially kicking off HR onboarding or giving your employees L1 support to immediately resolve their IT support issues or sharing Form 10 with the employee without human intervention, it can do it all. 

Let’s assume someone says “I can’t access my email,” what they want is to reset their password. Ruh-bot would immediately offer the user the option of resetting their password using their back-up email address or security questions or steps to reset the password. Ruh-bot, the chatbot would even close the ticket and confirm that the user can access their email before closing the interaction. 

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