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Scaled Agile, Kanban Practioner, CP-MAT, SASM, KMP I & II, SAFe Product Owner…


Agile Consulting

Agile Process Reviews & Adherence checks, Best fit Process Assessment, SCRUM implementation…


Website Development

If you are thinking of launching a new website or online store or upgrading the one you …



ERP Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics based Software – Accounting, Fixed Asset, CRM, HRM…


WCMS Implementation

Many clients bring us a list of CMS complaints. You may not know which CMS you want …


BaffleSol Academy

A Microsoft Dynamics internship program for Computer Science and Engineering freshers & keens


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  • Scaling Agile
    Benefits of being agile are very clear: We are more productive: By focussing on delivering small chunks of working product in short time-boxes (typical 2-3 week development sprints) we always have visible deadlines and view of actual progress. We attain better quality product: With shorter feedback cycles; and stakeholder review every 2-3 weeks the end […]