Project & Program Management Consulting

We help companies accelerate growth by using Agile principles to respond to and learn from external events.

BaffleSol Technologies helps our clients cultivate capabilities that enable them to prioritize and plan initiatives or opportunities and respond in a timely, effective, and sustainable way. We can help you scale Agile across your entire organization to improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee productivity, and become a genuinely adaptive organization.With, improved delivery processes we help companies deliver the right products at the right time. It is done by building team and leadership capabilities that provide high-quality outputs reliably and repeatedly. 

Process Compliant

Output Driven

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Area of Focus

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.


Kanban is a Lean-based approach that uses large visual boards to promote continuous improvement and agility by pulling new work from the queue only when something else is finished to create a constant flow.

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe™–the Scaled Agile Framework®– is an increasingly popular approach for implementing enterprise-scale agile practices. The process combines elements of Lean thinking, Agile and concepts of Product Development Flow.

Agile Team Coaching

The ScrumMaster/Agile Team Coaching programme focuses on building an internal capability for organizations to continue to drive improvements in their Agile maturity.

Agile Team Maturity Assessment

Understand if your team is being agile or just doing agile. A team is doing agile through the activities without understanding agile principles and values. A team becomes agile when its mindset and behaviours shift to align with agile values and principles. Build an assessment that covers all basics and gives us enough data to act.

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