ERP Upgrade Services

ERP Upgrade Services

Time to replace your legacy
ERP solution

How is your ERP working for you? Is it time for an upgrade? Either way, it is good practice to continually assess the system and identify areas for improvement or emerging trends and requirements that may become problems in the future.

If an ERP system is not upgraded regularly, you risk compromising performance, functionality and reliability. That’s where we come in. The choice between an ERP upgrade and replacement is difficult; that comes down to how much business value each approach would create and eventually cost the company. If you are confused, you can reach out to us at for a detailed assessment.

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ERP Upgrade Checklist

Build the business case and gain management approval

If after initial evaluation, upgrade is the way forward, document the to-be state that organization wants to achieve with a new solution.

Identify requirements

Define what a solution must include, understand new compliance needed to deliver value , along with requirements that should be sacrificed.

Build and approve implementation plan with realistic project milestones

Emphasis needs to be put on database upgrades, data migration, migrating legacy customizations, user training, go-live and ongoing vendor support options.

Execute together as team

Establish a relationship in which all parties can express concerns, flag emerging risks and work together toward solutions and have complete visibility of progress.

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