Why Business Central Over SAP Business One

SAP Business One End of Support: Why users should move to Microsoft Dynamics BC

What is Meant by SAP Business One End of Mainstream Maintenance? The term “end of mainstream maintenance” refers to the end of a specific stage in the lifecycle of an SAP product. SAP follows a standard lifecycle policy for all its products, including SAP Business One (B1), which includes several stages: Mainstream Maintenance, Extended Maintenance, […]

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Infor vs SAP:  Know the differences between Infor and SAP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an important part of any business. It allows companies to manage and track their resources, including cash flow, inventory, and manufacturing processes. For mid-sized to large organizations looking to implement an ERP system with robust features, SAP and Infor turn out to be ideal solutions, both coming with a rich feature set […]

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