Artificial Intelligence

Is IoB a Boon or a Bane?

In the last five years, devices on IoT(Internet of Things) has doubled. They are everywhere, from wearable fitness devices to your electrical appliances in the house, connected to your wifi and your mobile devices. All these devices are collecting data basis patterns of usage, frequency of use and persona profiles defining the behaviour and interests […]

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Cynefin in Action!

When we face a problem, we calibrate available options to solve it, choose one and execute it. If we are amongst organized individuals, we might also assess cause and effect for each option for deciding. Making these organized individuals good leaders as they change their actions depending on the situation, making better decisions by adapting […]

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Agile Consulting

Metrics for Your Product/Service Quality

We like to measure our weight, I.Q., or the quality of a product or a service. No matter how much our teams or we speak about quality, they don’t have a clear or unified definition of quality. “if you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” Measuring service/product quality allows you to find areas for improvement, assess […]

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