ERP systems aid the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between a business’s departments and its internal functions and data. Using software-generated automated reports, ERP systems are able to give companies an immediate picture of its real-time operations like production, inventory and order processing. In one statement we can say that ERP System automates and integrates various functions onto a single platform and functions like a backbone or nerve center for your business

 Having wrong or outdated ERP system in place can hold your business back, dispossess you of insights and capabilities that could drive your business forward. So, if you haven’t upgraded your ERP System for a while, now is the time to modernize your ERP. Here’s seven reasons why?

1.Your Systems are always out of date: Your systems do not allow you to take advantage of the latest features, but they require a huge, monolithic upgrade project with all the risks and costs involved. If this is you, then you may need to re-evaluate your fundamental structure.

2.The system doesn’t run optimally: If your system regularly crashes, can’t sustain the number of customers or users you have, or just deliver patchy output, it’s time for a new, more reliable ERP system.

3.Your System isn’t Compliant: From Australia’s mandatory notifiable data breach (NDB) system to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with industry-specific legislation in which you work, compliance is a significant focus for businesses. If your ERP system doesn’t help you manage compliance, you could spend more time resources to handle this business risk.

4.You can’t work remotely: If your ERP system does not offer remote or mobile access, then you cannot let your employees work from remote or off-site places efficiently. This is a significant shortcoming in today’s increasingly mobile world, hampering company development along with your capacity to attract and maintain the best talent.

5.Your current user interface is confusing or unattractive: When it comes to business the user experience is more than many people think. So, your ERP system needs to mirror this or risk not being used effectively by your staff.

6.Your business has grown since implementing the original system: At the time, you may have selected the right ERP system for your company, but if your company has grown since then, your initial decision for your company is probably no longer ideal. If your ERP system don’t have the flexibility and scalability to grow alongside you, then you have probably outgrown it.

7.You know there’s great data in there somewhere, but you can’t get it out: Your ERP system contains masses of incredibly valuable data if only you could access it. Without strong business intelligence and data analysis tools, it may seem like an impossible job to extract useful information from older ERP systems. But, if all your competitors are making data-driven decisions, you’ll find it hard to compete effectively unless you upgrade.

Keeping above points in minds seems like that keeping ERP Software up – to- date is the mandate thing for all enterprises, and for a successful ERP upgradation you need to identify the right and experienced partner in the industry who can support and help you with the upgradation.

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