As some experts put it, “The coronavirus pandemic is likely to emerge as the biggest economic crisis faced by India since the emergency” , though our Financial and Banking sector is far better equipped than before to address the challenges, but still companies are struggling to execute business continuity plans with lack of necessary infrastructure. Establishing effective communication and collaboration processes are some of the most challenging parts. It’s about how we adapt to support employees connecting and operating from home, so we can maintain our support for our customers.

Our Financial sector has hugely banked on:

  • Customer service
  • data security
  • customer loyalty
  • compliance
  • Customer Relationship Management

which are now under strain. Though too early to say, but impacts would be adverse. Though as an financial year we have almost lost the quarter already but restart needs to happen, And what better way to make best of right technology at right time.

Banks will have to move to BaaS for them to remain competitive and provide services in time of distress. According to Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Study, a massive 89% of survey respondents said they use mobile banking. Well not just mobile banking, technology shall also help banks in –

  • Use of BI to understand industry trends
  • Providing Hassle free customer support even if you are remote
  • Security & Safety of Data Transactions
  • Using CRM ,and keeping customers warm

And, as an IT company we understand the challenges faced by BFSI sector and want to assure you, that there are tools and work-flows embedded with AI that can help companies to operate efficiently in these tough times. We enable financial institutions to evolve and embrace new technologies that cater to consumers’ ever-changing needs. We are offering 2 hours of free consultation for companies to understand and advice on their needs.

Arm your workforce with great tools available today, to survive future.