Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is designed for small-sized and mid-sized organizations. It is simple and intuitive to use, and is quick to improve ROI after implementation.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics365 beats other ERPs in flexibility and customization:  Dynamics 365 is designed to allow flexibility and easy integrations with both native MS apps and other vendors. Many reviewers also refer to Dynamics365 for its broad customization options, as 365 features several layers that let users create interfaces specifically for their personal use. 
  2. Scalability: Microsoft Dynamics365 is highly scalable and it can grow along with your organization. You can integrate it with different Microsoft products including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, and Windows. These integrations increase your access and provide you with enhanced capability to conduct your business in a better way.
  3. Integration Support: As it is designed for small and mid-sized organizations the integrations play an important role in increasing the capabilities of the system. Microsoft Dynamics365  provides you a clear advantage over your competitors as you can create stronger connections with the employees, vendors, and customers.
  4. Facilitating the Business: It has been designed carefully to facilitate the team leads to monitor the performance of the individuals as well as the team easily.
  5. Improve Financial Procedure: The finance department can streamline the budgeting process as well as enhance visibility and finance controls.
  6. Improve Insights: The sales team gets better insights for making future decisions as it increases forecasting accuracy due to improved business analytics.
  7. Ideal for Small and Mid-Sized Business: One of the best qualities of all-power ERP solution is the depth to which it can be customized. Any kind of business that aspires to grow in the coming years can customize it according to its needs. The price range is quite reasonable when you compare it with the capabilities of the system.

So, Microsoft Dynamics365 ERP is a complete ERP solution for the small and mid-sized organizations looking to improve their overall organizational procedures within a limited budget.

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