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Helping you Begin your Agile journey

Before an organization gets on with their Agile journey and chooses its pilot project for Agile initiatives, it is important to understand the priorities, culture and the aspirations of teams. When considering the adoption of an Agile framework such as Scrum, organizations dread how to apply it to “real time.”

Using a Structured Questionnaire

Gathering inputs from various roles such as Team, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Senior Management. Short interactions with segmented, consistent groups as above to understand concerns and cultural aspects.

Recommended Approach for different Teams

The output from this assessment will be the recommended approach for the organizational unit along the following lines: - People and Teams: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose - Organizational Excellence - Technical Excellence - Communication & Collaboration

Suggested Readings

Growing Agile Teams

Resistance to change is inevitable part of human nature! But Agile Manifesto preaches, Embrace change. Not only our clients but we as individuals also want change, lets call it good change, without having to really make an effort towards it. Accepting change in Agile, is only possible when we write "good quality" code, improve throughput, or work towards Kaizen and of course a mindset which says, let me try this wacky thing!! Trying new things, working on changing requirements needs upgrading skills or GROWing teams.


Building Kaizen Culture!

In Agile business, Kaizen is considered as strategic tool to bring continuous improvement. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) is a strategy where employees at all levels of an organization, work together to achieve regular, incremental, small improvements to the process. In a sense, it combines collective talent and common sense, within a company to create an engine for improvement. “If kaizen is the work of making our processes better, creating a kaizen culture is the work of getting better at kaizen.”


Agile Maturity Model

Lot of times, my customers ask me for a Agile maturity model, which they can use. Intent mostly here is to provide consistency in execution and pre-defined structure which enables all of their projects to deliver timely and adapt to changing business conditions.


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