Reduce downtimes and associated operational costs: Long downtimes don’t only reduce employee productivity – they cost ugly: if a company has an average of just 5-minute network downtime a month, it loses as much as $300,000 on business disruptions a year. Luckily, ServiceNow can control these losses: for a company of approx. 2,000 employees with 10K yearly tickets ServiceNow can annually save $208,000 solely by speeding up ticket resolution.

Cut IT costs:  Continuing the example of the 2,000-employee company, its IT department can save even more due to productivity increase. They will be able to differentiate the ticket types, prioritizing them, and effectively allocate required resources for their resolution and have IT service provision under control. Moreover, ServiceNow will help them to automate many repetitive tasks, such as password resets and access rights requests. According to ServiceNow value calculator, the result means saving not less than $450,000 a year.

The Bonus Results

Increase user satisfaction: Since average ticket resolution time decreases considerably, you can expect user satisfaction rates to rise proportionally. Well-organized ServiceNow processes may explode a change in your IT department towards providing support to users, which has to generate a positive user feedback as well. With ServiceNow your users will also find it helpful that ServiceNow keeps them informed about their tickets in a wide variety of ways.

Maintain visibility across IT operations: ServiceNow can provide a solid backbone for your IT department’s processes, which will absolutely lead to visibility across IT operations. It will become easier for IT department to navigate in a clear and visible process hierarchy.

Monitor and manage IT department performance: To measure the performance of your IT department, ServiceNow provides visual and in-built reporting functionality. Operational analytics will help your IT department to identify service provision problem areas and find ways to improve them.

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