The HR Software Implementation is associated with challenges, complexity and risks. Whether it is putting the entire system in place or simply a major upgrade, there are a number of pitfalls that can account for project failure. Below are the most common reasons that attribute to HRMS Software Implementation Failure.

  1. Is the Software Required or not? Prior to Implementation, many businesses are not clear if they really require HRMS Software or not? In fact, various HRMS implementation projects fail before they could not even start.
  2. Lack of Clear Objectives: Before implementing the HR Software for business, it should be clear about the objectives i.e. defining the critical business processes, financial benefits, deadlines, etc. The absence of objectives is one of the most common contributing factors related to the failure of HR Software implementation.
  3. Improper planning or poor project management: For any HR Software implementation a strong and detailed planning is an absolute requirement. Poor planning or improper project management will add to the failure of HR Software implementation.
  4. Deficiency of Staff Training and Support: The absence of training and the much-needed support from the management are the two crucial reasons for HR Software implementation failure.
  5. Underestimate the Power of Right Resources: Not involving the resources having right skills at the right time is also one of the major reasons that accounts for project failure.
  6. Lack of communication to various stakeholders.
  7. Not keeping track of changes: Because every single change made in the working of the software costs time and money. So, lack of tracking changes in the HR software can also fuel up the implementation failure.
  8. Insecure hardware to support the HR Software: Having an unstable network platform or insecure hardware can also be a reason for implementation failure. So, prior to implementation, you should ensure that you have reliable and fast internet connectivity.
  9. Too much consultancy dependency.
  10. Inadequate testing of HR Software: Insufficient testing of new HR Software can also be a reason of implementation failure.

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