Imagine you are an owner of SME and managing to account is becoming such a hassle. You are not sure what actually happening in real-time as the software is only working on desktops. You are losing your business to competitors and no idea what to do. Today, a lot of SME’s are facing this challenge when they thought they can survive without a technology upgrade. Now, this lockdown has literally forced them to rethink their strategy. Investing in the right technology upgrades used to look like such a waste of money. Now, people are regretting on their short-sightedness.

Current times are tough and it’s a race to survive while trying to arise stronger!! In order to compete in today’s business environment, the role of technology has grown significantly irrespective of the industry. One such important technical support mechanism is an ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning) system which helps you innovate, scale and automate improving your productivity. This system also now needs to be globally connected, accessible to interact with other software tools through API’s while improving day to day business workflows and activities.

For business owners to manage processes, resources, and commitments during these times, it is very important to have a robust ERP system which is not only scalable but also accessible via the cloud. An ERP acts as a central system, which integrates and interacts with all the essential functions like –

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • HR
  • Planning

while ensuring everything is on track with nothing lost in excels.

Dynamics 365 is one such tool that is a unified package with both ERP and CRM capabilities to give the capability to users to choose customized modules, add as they grow and become comfortable to use. This capability to increase process, reporting and seamless Office365 and third-party integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organizations transform productivity manifolds. It helps to

  • Gauge business insights from reports powered by BI and AI
  • Improve customer experience by delivering highly customizable solutions
  • Decrease response time by automating budgeting, contracts and resource management
  • Integrate chatbot both for customer service and social media
  • Streamline supply chain to increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Manage project stages and timelines and plan next steps
  • Manage tasks, like budgeting, accounts, expenses, assets, and cash flow

Hence, Dynamics 365 could be the answer for growing your business while improving the existing knowledge base, or simply find a way for your organization to improve its workflow, then. It is very easy to put the required infrastructure in place now, when your current processes are already struggling to keep up with demand. D365 is highly scalable to help you start small and expand as you need. There are many benefits that a good cloud ERP can provide to a growing business. As you continue to scale your operations, you need reliable tools that can boost efficiencies, improve accessibility, save costs, and drive business growth.

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