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BaffleSol - Agile - Quiz

Lets Participate in the Quiz!

Please read the below instructions carefully before initiating the quiz:

  1. The expected time to finish the quiz is 10 minutes.
  2. The quiz contains 10 questions.
  3. Each correct answer scores 10 marks.
  4. There is no negative marking for incorrect answer.
  5. Your scores will be sent to your email ID.

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Q 1. When should be the BEST time for the team to estimate a task?

  • AThroughout the Iteration
  • BDuring Iteration Planning
  • CTask estimates are decided by the Scrum Master
  • DAt the time of Iteration Planning as well as during the iteration

Q 2. Every team needs to constantly evaluate and make appropriate adaptations in the following four areas:

  • AProduct value, Product quality, Team performance, Project status
  • BProduct value, Product quality, Team performance, Organization status
  • CProduct quality, Team performance, Project status, Project deliverables
  • DProduct value, Product Features, Team performance, Project status

Q 3. Which report should NOT be shared with your stakeholders?

  • ADefect reports
  • BStatus reports
  • CThroughput reports
  • DSLOC reports

Q 4. A Retrospective can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour. The duration of the Retrospective can be dependent on all of the following EXCEPT :

  • ALength of the Iteration
  • BLevel of conflict or controversy
  • CSize of the team
  • DSeniority of the Product Owner

Q 5. One of your stakeholder wants more detail than the vision statement provides, but not the overwhelming detail of the release and iteration plans. Which of the following progress report will you share with this stakeholder?

  • ARoadmap
  • BStatus email
  • CIteration plan
  • DProductivity chart

Q 6. According to DeMarco, Fragmented knowledge workers may look busy but a lot of their business is just thrashing. The minimum cost penalty is :

  • A15%
  • B10%
  • C5%
  • D25%

Q 7. The primary task in release planning is assigning stories to iterations, chiefly on the basis of

  • AValue and Risk
  • BRisk and Priority
  • CCustomer Requirements
  • DTeam ability and Value

Q 8. Which of the following correctly defines 'Quantity of Function'?

  • AScope measured in terms of user stories, use cases, requirements, or features
  • BExpressed as functionality produced for the time and effort
  • CExpressed in terms of defect rate
  • DAmount of effort expended in person-months

Q 9. In XP, the code goes through four levels of completion. Which of the following states the right sequence?

  • ABroken, Build, Ready for demo, Ready to release
  • BBuild, Ready for demo, Broken, Ready to release
  • CBuild, Ready for demo, Ready to release, Broken
  • DBroken, Build, Ready to release, Ready for demo

Q 10. What are the four key terms by which the iterative part of Agile is defined?

  • Atimeboxed, releasable, agility and incremental
  • BIterative, feature-based, timeboxed, and incremental
  • CFeature-based, timeboxed, agility and incremental
  • DNone of the above

Thanks for taking the Quiz!

Hope you found this quiz helpful to evaluate your Agile and Scrum understanding.

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