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Agile Quiz

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This Agile Quiz is carefully and selectively created by Agile expert Shuchi Singla. With this Quiz and we’ll help you analyse your Agile knowledge on basic and expert levels. Lets get started!

Agile Quiz

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  2. The quiz contains 10 questions.
  3. Each correct answer scores 10 marks.
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Q 1. A Retrospective can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour. The duration of the Retrospective can be dependent on all of the following EXCEPT :

  • ALength of the Iteration
  • BLevel of conflict or controversy
  • CSize of the team
  • DSeniority of the Product Owner

Q 2. Having problems does not indicate a problem in itself, so welcome problems because they bring with them the chance for the team to overcome, grow, and become stronger together." As an Agile Coach, which are the multiple perspectives to analyse to detect the symptoms for the problem?

  • AProcess Level
  • BQuality and Performance Level
  • CTeam dynamics dimension
  • DAll of the above

Q 3. Wideband Delphi is a repeatable process that can be used :

  • ATo generate estimate
  • BTo create a story
  • CFor implementation purpose
  • DTo motivate the team

Q 4. What are the four key terms by which the iterative part of Agile is defined?

  • Atimeboxed, releasable, agility and incremental
  • BIterative, feature-based, timeboxed, and incremental
  • CFeature-based, timeboxed, agility and incremental
  • DNone of the above

Q 5. Agile Teams use Planning Poker for estimation. Which of the following is NOT true about Planning Poker?

  • AIt combines expert opinion, analogy, and disaggregation into an enjoyable approach to estimating that results in quick but reliable estimates.
  • BParticipants include all of the developers on the team
  • CThe team for Planning Poker should not exceed more than 10 participants
  • DThe highest estimate is considered the final estimate

Q 6. At the second level of conflict, i.e. Disagreement, Team members distance themselves from one another to ensure they come out OK in the end or to establish a position for compromise they assume will come. They may talk offline with other team members to test strategies or seek advice and support. What becomes as important as solving the problem?

  • ASelf protection
  • BSatisfy self ego
  • CAim to win
  • DNone of the above

Q 7. Team A finished 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. Team B is working on a separate project and has twice as many developers. They also completed 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. What can you infer from this?

  • AThe story points of one team are not comparable to the story points of any other team.
  • BTeam A is twice as productive as Team B.
  • CTeam A should have more people on the team
  • DTeam B has the management support

Q 8. Which of the following reports visually shows the remaining estimated workload over the course of the project?

  • AProduct Backlog Burndown Report
  • BGantt Chart
  • CProduct Backlog
  • DSprint Chart

Q 9. Which of the following correctly defines the Complex Story?

  • AA User Story that comprises of multiple shorter stories
  • BA User Story that users can mark as inactive
  • CUser story that is inherently large and cannot easily be dis-aggregated into a set of constituent stories
  • DIt is not a Story

Q 10. Which of the following is a STORY?

  • A"Full-screen demo option for job fair"
  • B"Automate integration build"
  • C"Deploy to staging server outside the firewall"
  • D"Improve performance"

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Hope you found this quiz helpful to evaluate your Agile and Scrum understanding.

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