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Agile Quiz

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This Agile Quiz is carefully and selectively created by Agile expert Shuchi Singla. With this Quiz and we’ll help you analyse your Agile knowledge on basic and expert levels. Lets get started!

Agile Quiz

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Q 1. During an estimating meeting three programmers are estimating a story. Individually they estimate the story at two, four and five story points. Which estimate should they use?

  • A2
  • B4
  • C5
  • DThey should continue discussing the story until their estimates get closer

Q 2. A stand-up meeting is conducted at a pre-set time every day where the whole team stands in a circle. One at a time, each person briefly describes new information that the team should know. At the Daily Scrum, what is NOT discussed?

  • AWhat did I do yesterday?
  • BWhat are my tasks for the coming week?
  • CWhat will I do today?
  • DWhat problems are preventing me from making progress?

Q 3. According to DeMarco, Fragmented knowledge workers may look busy but a lot of their business is just thrashing. The minimum cost penalty is :

  • A15%
  • B10%
  • C5%
  • D25%

Q 4. Every team needs to constantly evaluate and make appropriate adaptations in the following four areas:

  • AProduct value, Product quality, Team performance, Project status
  • BProduct value, Product quality, Team performance, Organization status
  • CProduct quality, Team performance, Project status, Project deliverables
  • DProduct value, Product Features, Team performance, Project status

Q 5. Having problems does not indicate a problem in itself, so welcome problems because they bring with them the chance for the team to overcome, grow, and become stronger together." As an Agile Coach, which are the multiple perspectives to analyse to detect the symptoms for the problem?

  • AProcess Level
  • BQuality and Performance Level
  • CTeam dynamics dimension
  • DAll of the above

Q 6. Which of the following is a STORY?

  • A"Full-screen demo option for job fair"
  • B"Automate integration build"
  • C"Deploy to staging server outside the firewall"
  • D"Improve performance"

Q 7. When a group of people come together as a team, they go through a specific sequence of group dynamics. Which of the following depicts the correct sequence?

  • AForming, Norming, Performing, Storming
  • BForming, Storming, Norming, Performing
  • CForming, Performing, Storming, Norming
  • DStorming, Norming, Performing, Forming

Q 8. A long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal is referred to as,

  • ATactical Planning
  • BStrategic Planning
  • CGoal Planning
  • DRoadmap Planning

Q 9. Agile Teams use Planning Poker for estimation. Which of the following is NOT true about Planning Poker?

  • AIt combines expert opinion, analogy, and disaggregation into an enjoyable approach to estimating that results in quick but reliable estimates.
  • BParticipants include all of the developers on the team
  • CThe team for Planning Poker should not exceed more than 10 participants
  • DThe highest estimate is considered the final estimate

Q 10. Which of the following techniques would you use to detect problems within a process?

  • ASprints
  • BBurn Up charts
  • CBurn Down charts
  • DHealth checks

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