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Agile Quiz

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This Agile Quiz is carefully and selectively created by Agile expert Shuchi Singla. With this Quiz and we’ll help you analyse your Agile knowledge on basic and expert levels. Lets get started!

Agile Quiz

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  2. The quiz contains 10 questions.
  3. Each correct answer scores 10 marks.
  4. There is no negative marking for incorrect answer.
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Q 1. What does acronym DRY stand for?

  • ADon't Repeat Yourself
  • BDon't Reject Yourself
  • CDo Repeat Yourself
  • DNone of the above

Q 2. How is the Retrospective meeting BEST conducted?

  • ASet the stage, Gather data, Generate Insights, Decide on what to do, Close the Retrospective
  • BGather data, Generate Insights, Decide on what to do, Set the stage, Close the Retrospective
  • CSet the stage, Gather data, Decide on what to do, Generate Insights, Close the Retrospective
  • DDecide on what to do, Set the stage, Gather data, Generate Insights, Close the Retrospective

Q 3. What does 'R' stand for in ARCS, a criteria for evaluating Instructional designs by J.M. Keller?

  • ARelevance
  • BRepeatable
  • CRecording
  • DRight

Q 4. Which of the following are MOST helpful in implementing collective code ownership in a team?

  • AVersion control
  • BPair programming
  • CContinuous integration
  • DProbability distribution

Q 5. In Agile planning is........

  • AActivity
  • BMilestone
  • CPhase
  • DNot Needed

Q 6. Which of the following is NOT a principle from the Agile Manifesto?

  • AOur highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • BBusiness people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.
  • CContinuous attention to technical excellence and good design does not enhance agility.
  • DWorking software is the primary measure of progress.

Q 7. In a project, all of the user stories are estimated and the sum of those estimates is 100 story points. Based on past experience, it is known that the team?s velocity is 9 story points per two-week iteration. How many iterations does the project need to complete the user stories?

  • A9
  • B11
  • C1
  • D90

Q 8. In absence of the Product Owner, who should assume the Product Owner's responsibilities at the Sprint planning meeting?

  • AScrum Master
  • BTeam
  • CPerson selected by the Product Owner
  • DPerson selected by the team

Q 9. Which of the following defines Elapsed Time?

  • AIs the same as Ideal Time
  • BIs the amount of time that passes on a clock or perhaps a calendar
  • CIs the amount of time that something takes when stripped of all peripheral activities
  • DIs the amount of time the team spent on the iteration

Q 10. Which of the following charts shows the number of tasks completed each day of the iteration to monitor the progress?

  • AProgression charts
  • BTask Burndown chart
  • CTask check off charts
  • DTask charts

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Hope you found this quiz helpful to evaluate your Agile and Scrum understanding.

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