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Q 1. What is Takt Time

  • ACustomer Requests Received/Lead Time
  • BCustomer Requests Received/Cycle Time
  • CCustomer Demand Rate/Time Available
  • DCustomer Demand Rate/Time Already spent

Q 2. What are the Kanban values?

  • ATransparency, Push, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect.
  • BTransparency, balance, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect.
  • CComplexity, balance, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect
  • DNone of these

Q 3. Which statement below is most suitable for PULL system?

  • AMove one, process one
  • BMove many, process one
  • CMove one, wait, process many
  • DMove many, process many

Q 4. What does 'Kaizen' mean?

  • AIt is the Japanese word for total quality management (TQM)
  • BContinuous improvement
  • CA method of stock control involving coloured stock cards
  • DIt is a system of inventory control.

Q 5. A _____ is used to see the status of tasks in a project.

  • AKanban board
  • Bpull production control system
  • Cpush production control system
  • Dsupplier

Q 6. Cycle Time = Operating Hours / items or batch produced


Q 7. What is not the advantage od using “Pull” and managing “Flow”

  • AShorter lead time and Reduction of queue times
  • BReduction of Work-In-Process
  • CAbility to identify and fix problems later
  • DLess worker frustration

Q 8. Which of the following is NOT true about Kanban?

  • AA Kanban System visualises some unit of value, such as User Story, Minimal Marketable Feature or Plain Old Requirement
  • BA Kanban System manages the flow of these units of value, through the use of Work In Process limits.
  • CKanban is same as a Task Board
  • DIt is a key tool in Lean Manufacturing

Q 9. Which one of these is attribute of FIFO

  • ALocated outside two processes
  • BManage “Push”
  • CHave visual standards to ensure FIFO
  • DManages upstream and downstream

Q 10. Lead Time includes wait time as well –


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