Kanban Quiz

Kanban Quiz

Wish to test your Kanban Quotient? 
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This Kanban Quiz is carefully and selectively created by our Agile & Kanban coach Shuchi Singla. With this Quiz and we’ll help you analyse your Kanban knowledge on basic and expert levels. Lets get started!

Kanban Quiz

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  1. The expected time to finish the quiz is 10 minutes.
  2. The quiz contains 10 questions.
  3. Each correct answer scores 10 marks.
  4. There is no negative marking for incorrect answer.
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Q 1. A _____ is used to see the status of tasks in a project.

  • AKanban board
  • Bpull production control system
  • Cpush production control system
  • Dsupplier

Q 2. Cycle Time = Operating Hours / items or batch produced


Q 3. What are the Kanban values?

  • ATransparency, Push, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect.
  • BTransparency, balance, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect.
  • CComplexity, balance, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, respect
  • DNone of these

Q 4. Which one of these is attribute of FIFO

  • ALocated outside two processes
  • BManage “Push”
  • CHave visual standards to ensure FIFO
  • DManages upstream and downstream

Q 5. What does 'Kaizen' mean?

  • AIt is the Japanese word for total quality management (TQM)
  • BContinuous improvement
  • CA method of stock control involving coloured stock cards
  • DIt is a system of inventory control.

Q 6. Lead Time includes wait time as well –


Q 7. Which of the following is NOT true about Kanban?

  • AA Kanban System visualises some unit of value, such as User Story, Minimal Marketable Feature or Plain Old Requirement
  • BA Kanban System manages the flow of these units of value, through the use of Work In Process limits.
  • CKanban is same as a Task Board
  • DIt is a key tool in Lean Manufacturing

Q 8. What is not Push system?

  • A"One process pushes work to the next process, whether or not they are ready to process that work"
  • BUncontrolled inventory of work between each process step
  • CShorter turnaround times
  • DInefficient use of resources

Q 9. Which statement below is most suitable for PULL system?

  • AMove one, process one
  • BMove many, process one
  • CMove one, wait, process many
  • DMove many, process many

Q 10. What is Takt Time

  • ACustomer Requests Received/Lead Time
  • BCustomer Requests Received/Cycle Time
  • CCustomer Demand Rate/Time Available
  • DCustomer Demand Rate/Time Already spent

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Hope you found this quiz helpful to evaluate your Agile and Scrum understanding.

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