Microsoft Dynamics D365 Human Resources is a module designed with capabilities to handle various human resource processes right from Hire to retirement. Microsoft maintains that this module can optimize costs associated with recruiting and managing employees, their overall performance and managing payroll in one system.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps you with:

  • Optimize your HR organization through automation of routine tasks
  • Enable self-service for employees to enable them to update their profiles, training requests, monitor performance, and manage leaves
  • Assist employees with development through internship/training
  • Give supervisors access to insight about the employees, like competencies, salary, and absence.
  • Manage leaves.
  • Hire suitable candidates and manage the interview process.
  • Reduce organizational complexity.

HRMS is the extension of main Microsoft Dynamics. It has an intuitive interface, optimizes the workforce with easy-to-do configurations and enable integration through various app services in the model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to create many Out-Of-The-Box workflows that you can leverage to complete/automate several vital processes such as the different types of workers, separation process for different workers, taxation process for different workers etc. You could use these new workflows to build the employees’ complete onboarding and separation process into the system.

In addition to the above features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses inbuilt reporting features to – 

  • Describe options for exporting data to other Microsoft products.
  • Describe options for analyzing data.
  • Describe use cases for and integration capabilities with other Microsoft products.
  • Describe options for managing documents.

It also lets organizations help their employees reach their career goals by setting up learning goals, managing performance reviews, and tracking feedback. And to help employees develop needed skills, it can set up the following while assigning a course or registering someone for a course:

  • instructors
  • course types
  • courses
  • course description
  • agendas
  • tracks
  • sessions

In this “Great Resignation” era, competition in recruitment is more fierce than ever, with the combination of education and talent coming together. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources lets you hire the best candidate by letting you explore, engage before shortlisting the right candidate.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource ensures timely administration of tasks with cross-functional collaboration, ultimately leading to talent success.

MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent) empowers your HR to speed up enterprise success. 


There are two pricing options. You can choose the self-service option, which costs $4 per month or the complete package, which costs $120 per month. If you choose to include other Microsoft Dynamics modules, you will have to pay for them separately.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is an easy-to-use HR tool that packs a lot of features in a single module. HR teams can make their work easier by using it. We will help you build up your core HR within your organization. With the perfect team to help you evaluate, plan, and deploy Microsoft dynamics 365 human resources in your organization, Contact us for more information or queries on the implementation of Dynamics 365 HRM.