There’s no denying it that technology is changing how we do business. Digital and automation have become popular business buzzwords and it also make sense why. Because nobody wants to spend all time in printing and scanning paper and completing repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. Digital Signature represent one of the fastest growing forms of these advances.Because:•Paper based signing processes reduce productivity and increase cost.•Automate follow ups to avoid costly contract delays.•If multiple parties are required to sign, the process is frequently plagued by the delays that come with missing information and manual follow-ups.

What is Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature confirms the identity of a person who is about to start or approve a computing process. A digital signature can help identify whether another user or process has tampered with the data. A digital signature can also be verified, and this verification can’t be refuted by the owner of the certificate that was used to sign the data. Digital Signature has to be certified by Government Authority like E-MUDRA, National Informatics Center (NIC), IDRBT etc.

About AutosignBaffles:

Our team has worked hard to deliver the latest digital signature innovation to add a digital sign on invoices in D365. Our users can take advantage of “AutosignBaffles” for secure online digital signature and simplified workflow. Our experts have worked hard to use advanced digital signature technology to make it more secure than a plain electronic signature.

We are happy and excited to announce that we are one of the top IT companies in Delhi NCR region which implemented Digital Signs on D365. The first solution for Digital Sign is API (Application Program Interface) which can be integrated with any client Web Application, Mobile Application, ERP etc.

End to end or one-click solution for AX, NAV etc. Get contracts signed within minutes!

Web application with admin panel to manage signed documents.

Benefits of using Digital Signature: 

  • A document sent by courier or in person may be manipulated on the way, but when sent using a digital signature, it will be encrypted in such a way that it is not possible to manipulate the document.
  • A document which is digitally signed can effortlessly be tracked and located in a few minutes.
  • A digital signature can be used to send documents a lot faster, almost instantaneously, as the documents can now be sent via mail and do not need to be delivered in person or via courier.
  • The most important benefit is that Nobody else can fake your digital signature or present an electronic file incorrectly claiming that it was signed by you.