Do you know Why page speed is important for SEO and how to maximize it?

What is Page Speed? Page speed is the measurement of how fast the content of your page loads or we can say page speed is the amount of time a visitor has to wait until your page is loaded completely. 40% of visitor leave a site that takes more time to load and 80% of visitor won’t return.

Do you know Why page speed is important for SEO and how to maximize it?

Why Page Speed is important?

  1. User Experience: There is no secret that a positive user experience leads to better conversion rate. Website which takes more time to load frustrates the users and ultimate results in a bad user experience on the other hand a fast website ensures good user experience.
  2. SEO and Keywords Ranking: In 2010 Google announced in an algorithm that it will regard page speed as a ranking factor. No matter how professional your website design is and how quality your content is, Google will still penalize you if your site takes more time to load.
  3. Lead Generation and Customer Engagement: A website having slow load speed kills the conversion rate and customer engagement because the potential buyer considers such website as untrustworthy site.


How to Maximize your Website Page Speed?

  1. Image Optimization: As heavy images take longer time to load and that’s why will lower your web page speed so while upload the images you should make sure that the images should be small sizes.
  2. Enable Compression: Compression cuts down the number of bytes a page is sending over a network, hence decreasing the HTTP response. By using Gzip compression tool, you can reduce download time by upto 70%.
  3. Limit the number of plugins: Too much of good thing sometimes become awful. Installing too many plugins also impact your website page speed. So, you should remove or deactivate some unnecessary plugins from your website.
  4. Choose a trusted web host: A Cheap hosting plan may save your money at the starting but in the long run you may end up paying a lot more in order to serve your web requirements. So, must choose a reliable we host wit variety of hosting plans.

So, you should take some time to check your website page speed with the tools like website page speed insight checker. If you find that your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, don’t panic. Just follow the recommendations and make improvements. In case if you are ignoring your website’s page speed then google will penalize you for bad user experience.

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Author: Pooja Suhag 26th Jul 2019
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