What’s New in Angular 7.0?

After the release of Angular 6.0 in May 2018, Angular is all set with its latest version 7.0, released in October 2018. Angular releases its major updates twice a year, May and October every year, apart from its weekly patch releases. Just like its previous versions, angular has packed its latest version, 7.0 with features that spans from the framework to usability, CLI with harmonized key versions.

What’s New in Angular 7.0?

Let us explore What’s New in Angular 7.0

CLI Prompts – At the time of creating a new Angular App, the Angular CLI will prompt the coder to choose among the options, to add features like Angular routing or the format of the SCSS, they wish to discover in their application.

Application Performance – This time Angular has worked on reducing few frequently made mistakes by the developers. For example - polyfills.ts file will now be moved to JIT mode as a build step.

Ver 7 also brings the advantage of Bundle Budgets that will restrict the size of a Bundle to 2 MB and will alert the developer with an error prompt if the bundle size increases upto 5 MB. The budget size can be customized through angular.json file. This will act as a performance regulator for your Application.

Angular Material & the CDK – After a major Material Design update in May 2018. Version 7 brings in a small update to the visual aspect to the Material Design specification.

There are few enhancements to the Component Device Kit (CDK) with features like Virtual Scrolling and Drag and Drop.

Virtual Scrolling – Virtual Scrolling has been launched in order to resolve Page performance issues while trying to load large list of elements. Virtual Scroll tag will only load the elements that can be displayed within the visible screen size, avoiding unnecessary load on the webpage to render entire data at once.

Drag and Drop – The drag-drop module has been developed to facilitate to create drag and drop interfaces with element like free dragging, sorting within a list, transferring items between lists, animations, custom drag handles extended to horizontal lists and dragging along one axis.


In order to use Agular 7.0, you need to Install the latest version of Node.js and Visual Studio Code. As a Website Development Company, we are too excited to use the latest features of Angular 7.0 for our upcoming projects. If you are planning to implement Angular 7.0 for your website development, Mobile App or a Platform, we suggest you hire an Angular Expert.

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Author: Minakshi Khurana 22nd May 2019
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