Top 5 Reasons to Move to Dynamics 365

For many companies running their business on an on-premise ERP solution, moving to a more flexible cloud application has enormous advantages from a cost and efficiency perspective. That’s why we have seen this shift in existing Dynamics AX customers upgrading their business system to the cloud.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Dynamics 365

Here’s Top Reasons to Move to Dynamics 365

  1. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Cloud software works out significantly cheaper than its on-premise counterparts because you can access everything from a browser and there is no need for servers. To run Dynamics 365, your hardware needs to fulfil the software demands and maintenance is always a consideration.
  2. Automatic Upgrade: Dynamics 365 upgrades are no longer a complicated, stressful project requiring months of planning. Dynamics 365 is based on a semi-annual continuous release cycle. This means that all Dynamics 365 customers will be on the same version in a day, with improved performance, access to new features faster, and system stability.
  3. Quick and easy add-on customizations: Microsoft AppSource is a hub for business apps, enabling clients to customize their Dynamics 365 solutions with extra industry and process-specific features. Instead of having to contact an ISV, combine the code and manage the deployment across multiple environments.
  4. Safety and Security of Azure Cloud: Microsoft Azure is a highly secure and safe platform used on a massive global network to build, quickly deploy and manage your business apps. By moving to Dynamics 365, clients protect their information with integrated safety, privacy, and other compliance products, and gain more control over their company activities.
  5. Infrastructure Scalability: One of Dynamics 365's largest selling factors is the capacity of a business management scheme to scale and develop with your company as needs and requirements change. You can create on your scheme without complicated development job and huge consulting charges by using Azure as its unifying architecture and the underlying Common Data Model.

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Author: Pooja Suhag 02nd Jul 2019
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