Making ERP System Employee Friendly

Steps You can Take to Drive Employee ERP Adoption by Making it More Employee - Friendly.

Why up to 70% ERP implementations fail?

It has been said that the most difficult phase of ERP implementation is the Deployment. As per a survey, in 30% of the cases employees refuse to change the way they have been working and adapt the ERP. And, by the time ERP comes into usage, the users start requesting for the modifications to make processes mirror their same old Process


Don't worry! Being the ERP experts, we have a few but very crucial tips for you that can help sail through the turbulent Deployment phase smoothly. We recommend you these steps that You can Take to Drive Employee ERP Adoption by Making it More Employee - Friendly. 

1. Build the ERP Software around your existing processes - 

2. Select “user champions” during ERP Implementation.

3. Choose a phased deployment strategy.

4. Integrate with familiar interfaces.

5. Provide internal employee training.

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