Best Practices that Every Marketer should use in their Email Marketing

Now a days Email Marketing has become one of the most popular forms of communication. Email Marketing is, quite simply,using the tools of email to deliver advertising message.Email is remarkably flexible tool that can accommodate a wide range of messages. Must Read the best practices that every marketer should use in their marketing to generate more leads. According to MarketingSherpa , the most used lead generation tactic is Email - Marketing.

Best Practices that Every Marketer should use in their Email Marketing

Best Practices that Every Marketer should use in their Email Marketing

1. Keep Email Content Short and Precise: Today, no one is interested to read lengthy content. Every want for short and crisp content. So, try to minimize the text length and use more of images. Use short and concise subject line with agenda of your email in subject line only. A decent subject line should be between 40-50 characters.

2. Keep the message and call- to – action clear: Your email must to keep the message and call – to – actions buttons above the fold so that visitors can easily recognize them. More clearly you will show the Call to Actions buttons, more the chances of lead generation will increase.

3. Clean Your Mailing List Regularly: You may have various number of subscribers who have opted for your email but don’t read them. Remove those subscribers on a regular basis form your subscribers’ list.

4. Avoid Using ‘No-Reply’ in the Sender’s Email Address: Never use No – Reply email addresses. Because with these email addresses your customers will lose their interest because they don’t care for such emails.

5. Direct Emails to Landing Pages: The idea behind email marketing is to land visitors to the website. Therefore, landing pages need to match the emails in terms of content and headlines. Also use tracking tools to see which email campaign and landing pages are performing better and generating more leads.

6. Try A/B Testing for each campaign: A/B Testing will help you to understand the behaviour of your targets. You can test the campaign with minor changes such as colour, designs, graphics and call to action etc. with the same agenda and target.

These email marketing practices will help you to generate more leads and also help to convert them.

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Author: Pooja Suhag 26th Mar 2019
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