Ways to Increase Revenue Growth Opportunities with an Integrated ERP System

Every company works towards accelerating its revenue growth and ROI even when economic conditions are volatile. The choice of an integrated ERP system can contribute significantly to increase the revenue growth of the company while employee productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ways to Increase Revenue Growth Opportunities with an Integrated ERP System

Here are 4 ways to increase revenue growth opportunities with an integrated ERP System

  1. Better Marketing Sales Collaboration: An integrated ERP system facilitates better collaboration between sales and marketing by providing a single platform with shared goals for both departments to make clearer connections between specific marketing campaigns and prospective sales. It provides both the departments with access to not only product and service details but also lead and customer details. This improved collaboration will result in more leads and conversions, and thus ultimately increasing revenue for the company.
  2. Deeper Process Insights through business intelligence: Improved business intelligence is also another way that an integrated ERP system can increase revenue. Not only does an ERP system provide convenient access to each department’s tasks, but also provides decision-makers with a centralised view of the business. This view can disclose unexpected connections between data sets and areas where efficiency can be augmented resulting in lower costs and increased revenue.
  3. Smoother Warehouse Integration: Warehouse integration is another benefit provided by an integrated ERP system, specifically for businesses involved in process manufacturing. An ERP system prevents warehouse operations suffering from a silo effect and lowers costs, raising the overall profit.
  4. Efficient Customer Relationship Management: Satisfied customers are more likely to be reliable customers for a business and an integrated ERP solution can help you build a strong bond with customers to further improve their brand experience.


So, it is clear that an ERP System not only improve business efficiency but can also directly impact revenue.

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Author: Pooja Suhag 24th Apr 2019
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