A Complete Guide to Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

What is Google Analytics? Google analytics is a Google’s tool that monitors your website by tracking the user activity and provide you all the relevant data which is necessary in your website’s promotion. These activities include; the number of users who visited your website, for how long they stayed on your website, and so on. In simple words Google analytics is a tool that will fetch you the real data of your website.

A Complete Guide to Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

Why would you need Google Analytics?

Because Google analytics is the best tool available on the internet to track your website’s user activity, and this tool is available for free of cost on google and help you in analyzing the performance of your website in the best possible manner. Once you will get the Google Analytics report you will be able to understand what is working on your website and what’s not and you can further work upon these measures and improve your website performance. It became quite easy and efficient to optimize your website when you have Google Analytics Report. Because Google analytics provide you with the information through which you can clearly understand what changes are required in your website to improve its performance.

Google Analytics Information and Metrics

  1. Visits: This tells you the total number of times the user has visited your website.
  2. Unique Visitors: This tells you how many unique visitors have visited to your website in a specific time frame. Unique visitors are different from total visits. Let us suppose a user from a specific IP address revisits your website in a particular time frame then Google Analytics will increase the total visits, not the unique visits.
  3. Page Views: This tells you the number of pages a user has looked in the duration of his/her stay.
  4. Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is the crucial information displayed by Google Analytics. It tells you what is the percentage of user who visits your website but ‘bounces back’ in a time frame.

So, Google Analytics is no doubt very useful tool if you want to take your website promotion to the next level. If You want to remove each and every flaw from your website, take the help of Google Analytics and analyse the information provided by it to understand those flaws.

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Author: Pooja Suhag 09th May 2019
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