Workspace Conflict

Agile guides teams to collaborate and communicate. It requires coordination, and since teams work in open team areas, chances of interpersonal conflict are always high.

Workspace Conflict

As Agile coach or scrum master, one should be alert about any conflict between or across teams and bring harmony and candid environment. Happier the team, more focused and better everyone is!!

To manage conflict, agile coach should considers following questions (Keip 1997):


  • What is the level of conflict?
  • What are the issues?
  • How would I respond as side A?
  • How would I respond as side B?
  • What resolution options are open?
  • What should I do (if anything)?

He should make sure he listens to everyone's perspective, following styles are followed 


(First preference)

Score Style
12 Collaborating
11 Accommodating
9 Compromising
8 Forcing
6 Avoiding

(Preference when issues worsen)

Score Style
7 Avoiding
6 Compromising
5 Accommodating
4 Collaborating
4 Forcing

Five levels of conflict can be understood by


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