The XP Game!!

Important elements of eXtreme Programming includes - Pair Programming, reviews, unit testing and avoiding feature until, its actually needed.

The XP Game!!

This concept, is point of many conversations, where people/teams question productivity impact because of pair programming.. To demonstrate power of pair programming, I have curated a game, needless say need more inputs to improvise it - The game is organized around in two sets, one as individuals and then as team. After both activities have been completed, the facilitator assesses and leads discussion around the team’s work, and the teams will have a chance to compare their experiences. Timing 15min – 25mins Materials Drawing surface Red, green, and blue markers x2 printed booklets of instructions Set 1 - As Individuals, Ask each individual to follow instructions below and draw - Time - 2mins Instructions - Draw a red square Draw two green squares and a green rectangle inside the red square Draw a dog Draw a triangle The triangle should be on top of the red square The dog should be blue Draw a flagpole The two green squares should look like windows The green rectangle should like a door Draw seven birds The triangle should be red Draw some grass The flagpole should be flying a banner with the 23rd line of the “Jabberwocky” on it Set 2 - As group of 2 people, ask them to follow instructions above ( you can choose to change instructions, if needed) Actual Picture - Conclusion - Compare the results and ask following question - Where there any differences between the two activities? Did one require more planning? Does planning lead to better outcomes? Compare the two pictures, and recount the presentations. Did pairing help them plan better? Were they able to finish before time? Looking forward to have more inputs, to improve this game.,


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