Rules to Inspect and Adapt

How do we learn in agile? Well this is a question agile and Kanban Feedback loops force you to ask yourself and your team member every 2-3 weeks for teams and every 6-9 weeks for programs. This not only helps you and your team retrospect what went good but also an opportunity to think, what could be done better. Inspect and Adapt also means - instead of planning everything upfront, and following a Big Upfront Design , but we as team reflect on current project situation and change actions accordingly.

Rules to Inspect and Adapt

How to Inspect and Adapt? To make it work well, here are few approaches - 


  • Seek Feedback at 3 levels - Process, Product and Code - Process improvement leads to better throughput and streamlines flow ; Product Improvement is important as this is the actual value that we generate to our end customers by delivering what they need; Code improvement ensures better scalability and less defects in product being made
  • Divide your I&A in three components - 
    • Review of Working Software (Product Review) - This shall help you gauge how as program you are generating value and delivering the right software/service. This can be done using Planned V/s Actual Business Value
    • Metrics Review - This helps team measure the end goal achieved. How they are doing planned v/s actual 
    • Problem Solving  - This helps team analyse problems faced and how they can solve in next cycle. Fishbone Diagram is one of the best ways of doing so
  • Plan your I&A - Don't just do because you as team/program want to do it. Plan it well in advance, list down the agenda so as teams are prepared and have some data points prepared. Make sure environment of meeting is formal so as it is goal oriented
  • Prioritize - As program you may have list of things that needs to be worked on, but prioritize and only work on improvements that have most immediate effect, make this part of your backlog.
  • Act - Once you have prioritized and decided plan for next cycle, ACT.


Looking back and reflecting, can really take you to the next level and can help you improve as team – but only if you choose to ACT.Inspect and Adapt helps provide feedback so that changes can be added to the trajectory of the product being build and to improve on how work is being done.

Author: Shuchi Singla 07th Feb 2019
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