Retrospectives in Distributed Teams

Few days back while attending an Agile event in NCR I met, Ritesh, he was talking about retrospectives in distributed environments. This just made me little snoopy as most of the agile teams are not co-located. These teams in my point of view need retrospectives more essentially.

Retrospectives in Distributed Teams

There are many tools and approaches available online to help facilitate remote sessions.
Before we jump into tools though, it’s worth mentioning few quick checks which according to me should be done while steering retrospectives.
It doesn’t need an experienced coach, just somebody who prepares everything off-site and helps facilitating the retrospective.
As I suggest using an online tool (shall talk about them in last) for your retrospective, every team member should have access to a laptop. At least two team members should have one laptop/machine to create their virtual post-its.
Video conferencing
 In my experience it is very important, that everybody can see each other. A face speaks more than words
Online Tools
Several Online tools which I find effective are:
If you have all these things in place, there is no real difference to a normal retrospective. If possible help teams meet once in few retrospectives..


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