Overcoming common Coaching Obstacles

Coach, in our case agile coach is a overburdened term. By default it has become applicable to Project Managers, delivery managers, Scrum Masters and Agile Trainers. In continuation to my last blog Coach v/s Trainer, this blog is more focused on solutions to challenges/resistance I have faced as a coach.

Overcoming common Coaching Obstacles

Coaching is rewarding but at times becomes too overwhelming.But what causes that hindrance? Basically coaching requires lot of perseverance, skill, and planning. And then it also has certain type of coachees which are difficult of coach. First Impressions - "First Impression is a last impression". Though coach and coachee don't need to be good buddies but definitely they need to strike a chord. Manage emotions is my thumb rule! Change takes time. From having a belief in change to change to happen is a slow process.. Manage emotions and believe change is possible. And it is not important to address coachee issues in first meeting. Settle and build confidence! Don't mentor - Many times you will find yourself in situation, where you have direct answer to coachee's situation. Best way to handle situation is to ask questions and lead coachee to an answer. Because intent is to build competency where they can start solving their own problems - Coach the coach Learn and discover - As coach we gain lot of insights/solutions from our experiences but not necessarily these outcomes fit every situation. Discover solutions with your coachees and help them gain confidence. Be in Touch - Always be involved with the parties.Keep checking with them on regular basis which not only keeps coachee warm but also helps keep their best interests in mind. This also helps build relationship in a positive way. Don't manage Coachee's emotions - Being empathetic is very important. But should be more towards finding solution to a problem and not just about the problem. Try to bring his focus to solution and if you are not able to do so after multiple attempt, involve leadership. Not all coaching relationships are a success, but you have a better chance of being successful if you face challenges head on and prioritize helping your coachee. Also remember coaching has it's limits, our job is to help coachee find a solution and not solve it.


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