Kanban at all levels

In continuation to my last blog, where I wrote about steps to define Portfolio Kanban, wanted to pen my understanding on linking Kanban at all levels. Beauty of Kanban is not just implementation at portfolio, but can be implemented an level in organization or work. At it's core Kanban is method to visualize flow, and manage work irrespective of level implemented. Kanban can be applied to high-level Strategic processes, mid-level Tactical process and of course Team level processes.

Kanban at all levels

Kanban is used for following at various levels - Portfolio - At this level, Kanban system helps describe Go-NoGO to epics that are ready to be implemented. Program - Epics that are tagged for Implementation at Portfolio level are further broken down to Features, and are further categorized as CR, new feature, Enhancement etc.. Kanban System at this level also helps describes Agile Teams Implementing particular feature to deployment to Staging and further to production. It also helps identify cross-team feature level dependencies through your iterations so team can identify and focus on the cross-team communication Team - Features in implementation phase in Program for respective team, boils down to form a team Kanban. At team level, teams might chose to define Class of Service , actual development of solution happens. Word of Caution here is teams under program should follow cadence and plan, demo, integrate together .The collective status of these tasks represents the status at the higher-level. Kanban provides several tools – boards, swim lanes, cards and tasks to represent project/team/program that makes most sense and helps bubble up information to help summarize and visualize portfolio’s overall business objectives!


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