Its not easy - Agile Testing

Being agile is not easy.. From delivering high quality software to delivering as quick as possible, Agile testing is not easy. Fist biggest challenge is overcoming myth that agile teams don't need testers. Integrating developers and testers together, to have an approach where quality product is delivered. It's hard!

Its not easy - Agile Testing

Agile is woven around concept of user stories, and changing requirements. Since stories are not detailed properly and requirements keep changing, testers do not get enough time to prepare thorough test cases.

Continuous Integration- With continuous integration , it can be easy to miss critical tests for any requirement or masking a defect.

Most misunderstood and ignored aspect of Agile Testing is Exploratory Testing. It is not about clicking around the application without proper context.

Exploratory testing should be done every sprint on set of features on a proper environment. Testers should use all their skills to think out of the box and try to fearlessly test the system within the context of the features, however not limited to that feature.

Mitigating above challenges is first step towards being agile..

Author: Shuchi Singla 22nd Feb 2019
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