Is my user story perfect?

Recently while working with one of my clients to move towards agile there were many times I was asked "How do you know this user story is complete?" or "How would you know my user story is granular enough?" Well this is where I guess everyone of us would have struggled at on point or other. It's like new driver who needs little practice.

Is my user story perfect?

Lets look at basic rules for perfect user story:

  • Tell user story from user perspective. For example searching in job site. User or customer should be well defined like in this HR consultant will use search or job seeker will use search engine.

The persona goals help you discover your stories. Simply ask: What functionality does the product have to provide to meet the goal of the personas?

  • Collaborate while writing user stories. They should never be written in discussion with just either developers or testers. Others view point can give new direction to the user story. Details should be added to them with conversation involving PO and scrum team.

  • KISS - Keep It short and Simple - If your user story has more thanM 4 acceptance criteria s. Its time to re-look your user story, It for sure can be cut short

  • Make them Visible. Easily accessible user stories have greater chance to being re-analysed and discovered.

User Stories are really Simple. These simple rules increases the chances of creating a product with the right user experience.

Author: Shuchi Singla 22nd Feb 2019
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