Do I need a Agile Coach or a Trainer?

Agile Coach term has been the hot selling cake these days, and all of sudden people with some years of project management experience have become Agile Coaches overnight! Clearly the term is misinterpreted.

Do I need a Agile Coach or a Trainer?

Few use this term as - person who is a scrum master , or may be simply one who comes and provides training on Agile (which is partially true) Can also be Someone responsible for the strategic application of Agile methods within the organization. A more experienced Agile practitioner serving as a mentor to a new, inexperienced Scrum Master or team. Let's understand English Definition of Coach - is one who helps others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and to manage life change and personal challenges. Idea here is coach is one who work with people/team to achieve success, after they have reached certain level.It involves lots of effective listening, support along with interaction with people to get results. The focus of coaching is for a longer span of time. Similarly an Agile Coach follows a process of assessments which helps the project team to identify the improvement areas.He is there when you implement the action plan in order to give a reminder!. The Agile Coach guides the team to resolve issues their/hybrid way. An Agile Coach steers and changes the direction with the team by looking at broader picture of all issues/impediments affecting project strategy. In short, coaches bring, coachee's agenda on table and guides to ensure it is FIT FOR PURPOSE :) Agile Trainer on other hand, teaches a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction. They only help learn target area with assumption that trainee has the required skills and knowledge to learn from the trainer and will use it back at work.It's mostly one-way. Trainer does not gain much out of this relationship. This a very short term engagement or is done as "needed". In my experience,coaching is a whole different experience. It helps you gain insight of real problems and co-create plan to create a structure that delivers value.As a coach we need to help people Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose ( Daniel Pink).


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