Myths About Agile:
What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear word Agile?
A Daily stand up, creating user stories, delivering them in two weeks, a visual board talking about assigned, in progress and done stories with no documentation, no planning and lot of re-work with small Iterations.
Is this really true about Agile? No, Lets discuss about various Myths about Agile.
1.   Agile and Scrum are same
Agile and scrum are not same, Agile is an Umbrella and Scrum is a Framework for managing and developing work. Scrum is one of the methodology that build on Agile principles. (Others include Lean, Kanban, TDD and Xtreme programming)
 2.   Agile means “ No Planning”
A common myth, since Agile believes in having smaller iterations its does not mean Agile does not need a plan. Even to execute a two to three weeks iteration a plan needs to be in place. Agile says Instead of having one grand plan for a project in one year and keep aligning resources entire year as per the grand plan, have planning in smaller chunks and keep a tab on your plan with frequent check, adjustments (based on learnings) and re-planning for next iteration to make it more effective with each cycle.
 3.    Agile means “No-Documentation”
One of the Agile manifesto says “working software over comprehensive documentation.” This Manifesto says comprehensive documentation, it does not say no documentation. To make is more accurate Agile says don’t do documentation for the documentation’s sake. It says think of minimum viable information that needs to be captured in form of User Stories, Epics, Features, capabilities and Enabler and capturing learnings in retrospective meetings.
4 .     Agile means “No Discipline”
It’s a common myth, since people working on Agile often tend to miss stand-up’s , they find it hard to stick to only those stories that are planned in current iteration. Getting aligned to other work which wasn’t part Agile cycle. All these factors and working style (since in we are still working in Phased gate/waterfall approach in the name of Agile)
Agile says
  • You have to stick to the plan (with no extra work that is not planned to be taken up)
  •  You have to build software incrementally
  • You have to have the iteration planning meeting, iteration review meetings, retrospective.
  • You have to have the agenda for the meeting and all meeting should be time-boxed.
Do you still say Agile is not disciplined?
5.    Agile only works for Developers/Software
Agile did started off with Technology env, but agile works for all from finance to medical industry, from HR to business operations or communications industry. These days manufacturing units and non-software organizations are adopting Agile for faster and reliable delivery.
6.    Agile will fix all of our problems
Agile is not a Magic Wand it’s just says “Bring your development team and customer as close together as you can, give them what they need, and then get out of the way.”
Agile gives permission for team to do their best work and be accountable for the results.

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