...ility Testing

Agile Teams with help of agile values and principles, foster functional requirements. But constraints can be faced while transforming NFRs in prioritized product backlog.

...ility Testing

NFRs or ility requirements consist of usability, adaptability, reusability, security, reliability, availability etc.. They are not the acceptance criteria but, would still story incomplete till complete.
Biggest Challenge is to link them with story and find a fit in backlog. It is quiet possible that date and time of any report is much important than author of the report. Hence it needs lot of re factoring and discussions, as team cannot assume what business needs and obviously they are more focused on delivering features.
So in my opinion one of the solution to the problem of on how to order and add to the pile is atomicity... atomic requirements is nothing but – being able to ask “is it done?”
Writing atomic requirements is important from two perspectives – delivering value to your customers, and operating efficiently.  You get benefits both operationally, and in how you are delivering value when you write atomic requirements.
Also while gathering requirements, NFRs should not be treated as after-thougts. In reality, NFRs are driven by goals. Example, Response time of system should be 2 secs, is a NFR which can be may be driven from functional requirement that webpage is linked to multiple media.
Hence, lets go and analyse more than user stories, And see better and more efficient product coming out..



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