Microsoft is all geared up with its bi-yearly, April to September 2019, update to its Business Software Applications Dynamics D365 and Power Platform. All the updates listed are not functional till date and few were previewed in February 2019. Microsoft releases its updates twice a year, one in April and next will be rolled out in October.

Microsoft is all geared up with its bi-yearly, April to September 2019, update to its Business Software Applications Dynamics D365 and Power Platform. All the updates listed are not functional till date and few were previewed in February 2019. Microsoft releases its updates twice a year, one in April and next will be rolled out in October.

 This year’s April’ 19 update anticipates a number of new potentials to be infused in Dynamics 365’s CRM and ERP apps along with Power Platform which will be a new set of mixed reality experiences using Microsoft Layout and Microsoft Remote Assist.

The first round of the release notes covers up the updates to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail, and Business Central.

The April’19 release will be the first foremost update release for D365 that’ll bring all its users to same version and preset it for the next half-yearly update planned for October.

The April’19 release brings in the major focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with Dynamics 365’s CRM powered with Artificial Intelligence expecting it to do wonders in Automation Technology Investment.

Here’s the list of Dynamics 365 release updates that you can expect to experience in each Application:

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamic 365’s CRM app, is going to be loaded with a lot of new additions to help its users with more effective and authentic information.

With the acquisition of Microsoft over LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 will now provide you the LinkedIn-driven data for Sales, like Organizational charts, LinkedIn user profiling, which gives better insights to abide by D365 users trust.

Microsoft have made enhancements to the playbook feature, regulated in the last update, that creates list of tasks based on the users’ previous data and knowledge to make it even better. Playbook will deliver its content based on the context and users can add documents and additional reading to playbook activities.

Forecasting dashboards will be loaded with more user-friendly features like extracting data from Excel or CSV, creating simple forecasts for pricing, products and accounts.

Other additions include the easy configuration of the Sales Professional Application and integration with Microsoft Office Apps improving their capacity to generate more revenue right from the beginning of the usage of Microsoft smart Sales Professional Application. Sales Professional will have a much-personalized experience now.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Ever since Dynamics 365 for Marketing has launched, April 2018, it has been a buzz amongst Sales professionals for its robust analytics, aligned sales and Marketing etc. The new features released with April 2019 update will take Marketing Application to new heights enabling it to grab a bigger market segment.

The April 2019 release note has brought fundamental addition of features like rich set of APIs for customer journeys and segmentation, integration with third Party CMS, Easy Onboarding. Social Marketing capability has been boosted by enabling social media post scheduling.

Event Registration feature has also been improvised under this update release for event registration with features like: Session registration for free events, QR codes embedded emails for event registrations, Waitlists for individual sessions. This expansion of features will help marketers to run marketing campaigns and plan capacity beforehand.

Microsoft has focused on personalized experience for its users and customers both which will enable the users to create layouts, content and more, basis their customer attributes.

One of the enthralling features releasing this April will be Mixed Reality. This will enable marketers to send marketing emails and webpages with Mixed Reality content. The customers or the recipients of the email will experience 3D content on their browsers or on mobile sets, complete Augmented Realty can be experienced with Mixed Reality headsets like HoloLens.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

D365 for Finance and Operations is the recipient of highest number of feature update with the April 2019 release note ranging from its financial management and product and warehouse management, to sales and procurement, manufacturing, and globalization.

The main Section of the App, Financial management will have feature enhancements like: Automatic ledger settlements, Reverse journal posting, Revenue recognition, Bank foreign currency revaluation, Expense client usability, Billing schedules, Credit management, Edit bank statement date and view edit history, Recover vendor invoices, Accounts payable vendor invoice change with exchange rate field.

Inventory and Warehouse managements has also received its share of improvements with features like Inventory performance optimizations, Unit of measure conversions for product variants, Catch weight product processing, Work line details, System-directed work sequencing, Advanced wave label printing.

The Globalization segments has given a special preference with features like localized e-invoices for countries like Brazil and Mexico, inculcated Global Tax engines and E-Reporting.

Other feature enhancements include improved integration capabilities, which will enable users to add Finance and Operations Data to other Data Service Apps in just a click. Customers can also use their own Data source and configure it within Finance and Operations.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

D365 April’19 update release has worked on the layout of the Application along with the feature advancement for general usage, customizability, and improving its integration functionality, the update also brings new features like knowledge base templates and analytics.

Customer Service is also launching a new Omni-Channel Engagement Hub, a cloud-based service empowering Customer Service to aid organizations instantaneously communicate and engage with their customers through Live Chat, SMS and to use their own bots.

Agents’ services will be stimulated to serve their customers efficiently and attain higher productivity with features like personal dashboards, Multiple sessions with easy switching, contextual customer identification, real-time notifications, quick replies, and conversation transfers.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

The April ’19 release is bringing a phenomenal change to the app with IoT capability, as the enhancement to last year’s Field Service Application integration with Azure IoT Central. This will enable IoT Central completely into Field Service, empowering the app’s analytics to help identify, delegate work orders, give relevant information and context of the issue.

Dynamics 365 for Business Central

Business Central being the new bee in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family, released in April 2018, has been updated with an objective to improve customer satisfaction with new interface for both, web interface in the browser or the modern Windows App for desktop.

The business central feature updates are the contribution of its user community. Microsoft developers have worked directly in sync with the Business Central team make it better basis their feedback.

Microsoft has made a number of improvements in order to augment App performance, faster processing, user handy and scalability of Business Central, across the platform and business application. Business Central has also been optimized with new productivity tools for administrators and developers.

What’s coming to other apps

Microsoft has enhanced the features for Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Dynamics 365 Portal, Microsoft Forms Pro, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Business Intelligence, CDM and Data Integration by improving their interfaces and analytical and data information.