Agile & Kanban Trainings

SAFe Agilist/ Leading SaFe | Delhi NCR

7th April, 2018 - 8th, April 2018 ,2018
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PMI- ACP | Delhi NCR

31st march,2018 - 1st april,2018
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KMP II | Delhi NCR

21st April,2018 - 22nd April,2018
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KMP I | Delhi NCR

14th April, 2018 -15th April,2018
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Team Kanban Practitioner | Delhi NCR

16th June,2018
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SAFe Agilist/ Leading SAFe

9th June, 2018 -10th June,2018
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KMP I | Delhi NCR

22nd March, 2018 -23rd March,2018
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KMP II | Delhi NCR

24th March,2018 - 25th March,2018
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KMP II | Delhi NCR

19th May, 2018 - 20th May,2018
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KMP I | Delhi NCR

12th May,2018 - 13th May,2018
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CP-MAT | Delhi NCR

5th May, 2018 -6th May,2018
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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master | Delhi NCR

28th April, 2018 - 29th April,2018
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CP-BAT | Delhi NCR

14th July, 2018 - 15th July, 2018
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SAFe Product Owner | Delhi NCR

7th July,2018 - 8th July,2018
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Team Kanban Practitioner | Delhi NCR

26th May,2018
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Why Choose BaffleSol as your Training Partner?


Why Us?

Identify Need of Training

Our training courses can be further tailored to match your specific learning needs.

Top Notch Approach

Stay on top of industry advancements with curriculum that is relevant to your current needs.

Simulation based Workshop

Our Training solutions are manual and derived from experience, to fully engage learners and enhance knowledge retention.

Post Training Support

After the completion of the training our experts are there to provide you real time support.

Regular Feedback

A continual feedback from candidates is taken for the constant improvement in the curriculum.

Accredited Curriculum

Training Curriculum Approved by global accrediting bodies like Lean Kanban University, Agile Testing Alliance, PMI (Project Management Institute) and SAFe®.

Consulting Services

BaffleSol Agile consulting services are designed to provide end to end solutions to bridge the gap between process and technology, and the teams who carry them out are the point of convergence. Our tailored fit solutions address the fragmented way the Agile and DevOps initiatives are implemented. Focusing on unifying teams and processes that would help to increase agility in organizations by following agile principles & support them to achieve their goals which would ensure end user satisfaction.

Tailored To Fit Process Assessment

We recognize and analyze business objectives and loop holes in process and then propose best-fit agile methodology, weighed across relevant parameters, in order to incorporate agile principles suited to gain business value.


Agile Program Management

In agile engagements end to end agile program management support is provided to organizations, including templates and process guidelines, defining team composition and process improvement techniques throughout the process definition.


CMMI To Agile Alignment

The organizational capabilities of an organization are developed by learning new behaviors and improving the performance, speed & quality. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) provides set of practices that are result and performance oriented which paves the way for an organization to achieve high-performance operations

Scrum Implementation

End to End SCRUM process support is also administered overlooking the entire implementation process for an agreed upon number of sprints, along with our consulting services.


XP Implementation

Clients are provided integrated XP process support and helped with release plans, metaphor development, risk management, etc. and it is ensured that they adhere to XP practices while integration. We provide the best-fit and tailored XP process which helps them to adapt XP to their environment.

Agile Process Reviews & Adherence Checks

Independent audit services for agile methodologies, regular adherence checks and implementation reviews to validate the process followed is taken care of and review reports are created out of these checks. Improvement guidelines are also provided when required.

Know Your Trainer

Shuchi Singla – Equipped with over 14 years of experience in the field of Software development, today Shuchi is the founder and CEO of an IT consultancy and service providing company “BaffleSol Technologies”. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Shuchi is an agile coach, Kanban Practitioner, a blogger and a painter. She holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering (B.Tech) from Punjab Technical University. After working with many giant companies at reputed positions, in 2014, she started her own company with a mission to produce excellent services in the field of IT with maximum efforts driven towards customer satisfaction. In 2016, her company got a new acceleration when her husband, Mr. Vikas Garg, joined his hands with her company as CTO. With the continuous efforts of this couple BaffleSol Technologies has been growing rapidly at a rate of 200% and is running successful business partnerships all around the world. In 2017, BaffleSol Technologies developed a Microsoft based HRM solution “hrBaffles” that gives complete digitization and automation to HR tasks and processes from hire to retire. The recent successful launch of hrBaffles with one of the world’s leading IT company and partnership with Microsoft are the few achievements for this company. Recently, BaffleSol has registered an expansion to its vertical with a new line of product “Cusaura” a ready to use Ecommerce portal for textile & fashion industry. This product serves B2B & B2C customers with its unique features; Customize & visualize, and a range of add-ons.
Before being an agile coach, she has always felt that 90% of work done in companies gets wasted due factors like communication gaps, hierarchies, mismanagement of time and prioritization, etc. So, she researched on these factors, came to know about agile methodologies and underwent Agile-Kanban certification. Today she is amongst the youngest women agile coaches of India and has transformed the working culture of many giant companies across the globe. Infact, she herself uses Kanban and agile methods to keep her personal and professional life well managed.


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