Content Writer

Position : 1-2

Experience : 2-6 Yrs

Job Description

-Impeccable command over grammar and excellent writing skills.
-Expert in researching a topic on Google/internet, and curate quality content 
from multiple fine sources.
-The writer should be able to operate with minimum inputs. Our Sales/Marketing 
team will give HOT areas/topics to research. We will expect the writer to deliver 
good content/blog/whitepaper based on the same. 
-Familiarity with technical aspects
-Having an idea of content promotion, copywriting and SEO will be a big plus. 
-original content and research work. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. 
-Working across multiple projects, using your knowledge to develop outstanding content across all digital channels. And push creative boundaries.
-Indulge in extensive research for writing content. 
-Adhere to the project timeline

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